Man Tang Guo

L1 / Cafe & Restaurant
Opening hours

10:00 - 22:00 Mon - Sun; 9:30 - 22:00 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays


Level 1 - The Loop Shopping Center


Man Tang Guo - Taiwanese Hot Pot Restaurant offers a premium experience in an exquisite ambiance, bringing forth the rich and authentic flavors of Taiwan. Our meticulously curated menu features the finest dishes, showcasing the freshest seafood and top-tier Wagyu, Australian, and US beef. With careful selection and expert preparation, our commitment to excellence is evident. The intricate presentation, combined with refined service, aims to provide indulgent moments and a connection to life's essence. At Man Tang Guo, we take pride in creating a space where each visit becomes a celebration of flavor and a memorable culinary journey. Welcome to the home of Taiwanese Hot Pot.